About Carrara Nevada

Carrara Nevada derives its name from the Carrara ​Mining District. Located in Nye County, NV, the district's most notable asset was not gold or silver, but marble, which is known for its durability, strength and diverse applications.

Our Values


Carrara Nevada’s greatest asset is its staff who has based their careers in the field of government and government relations. We believe in a true business partnership with our clients, not only meeting their needs, but also anticipating and advising them on the critical issues facing them.


In Nevada, the only way to earn credibility is through hard honest work. Our staff is among the most respected public policy professsionals in the state. We’ve built our reputation on our experience and the successes we’ve achieved with our clients, not by seeking publicity and fanfare for ourselves.


Each member of the Carrara Nevada team is available to meet the needs of our clients. Our statewide presence enables us to combine unwavering personal attention with the diverse talents of our entire firm.

nevada state senate

Carrara Nevada is a proud member of the
National Association of State Lobbyists (NASL)

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